Hand-Free Control App For Activating Siri with Your Voice Commands! [Video]

By on January 22, 2012

Hand-Free Control is a new Cydia app that makes you able activate Siri on the iPhone 4S with your voice commands, of course, without using your hands. The app was previously released for Voice Control and Spire, but now is made avilble for the newly jailbroken iPhone 4S.

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Hands-Free Control provides a continuous listening service on your device to activate voice functions, even while in sleep mode. When you speak the keyword, Siri (on the iPhone 4S or via Spire on other devices) or Voice Control will be activated without pressing any buttons, and then wait for further voice input.

The Hand-Free Control app doesn’t requires the actions like press and hold the home button for several seconds to activate these voice functions, it simply offer full hand free features. Just speak the keywords and the Siri will go alive. The app also is compatible with headphones and bluetooth headsets.

Selecting your keyword, sensitivity adjustment to the keyword, settings regarding battery efficiency, and more are provided in the Settings app inside “Hands-Free Control.” An SBSettings toggle is also provided for quickly and easily switching the service on or off.

The only disadvantage of the hand-Free Control app  to activate Siri is the faster battery drain while working with it, as it continuously runs in the background. Interested folks can grab this Cydia jailbreak tweak from Cydia Store for $2.99.

For installing this app on your devices, you would have to jailbreak them….follow our “How to Use Absinthe for jailbreaking iPhone 4S/iPad 2” tutorial to do so.