iCam! Apple’s Next Generation Device to Revolutionize Photography! [Concept & Images]

By on November 28, 2011

Recently released Steve Jobs’ official biography by Walter Isaccson reveals that Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and CEO, was keenly interested to dig out the ways to revolutionize the consumer electronics market, mainly in three key areas….. Television, Textbooks and Photography.


Techies believe that a Siri enabled ‘iTV” is the result of Steve Jobs efforts to reinvent television and to dominate over widely profitable TV market in near future. For reinventing the way students and scholars search and read textbooks, Apple would bring a very innovative Newsstand or iBooks-like app.

Now come to another highly profitable area, the Photography Industry, for which Cupertino is trying its best to modify the existing photography techniques, tools and instrument, Steve Jobs had dreams to invent an entirely unique device (say iCam camera-phone) that would equally fulfill the needs of amateur and professional photographers simultaneously. Jobs, actually, was motivated to put some valuable and innovative features to existing cameras due to a bombastic hit of its iPhone camera.

It is ADR Studios, a design and Communications Company that picked the idea and just pushed out the concept of “iCam” …….totally based on the well rumored iPhone 5 specs. This amazingly superb concept finely portraits how Apple would revolutionize photography in upcoming days, with its remarkably high status of marvelous innovative company.

The company labeled the device with an evident name of iCam, and put all those iPhone 5 features which we have learned so far and those might ultimately occur. The company also cleverly incorporated the idea of Apple’s intentions to develop a separate peripheral to its next iPhone for making it matchless even when compared with some popular brands like Nikon and Canon to capture photography market.

Here are some models of iCam with suggested specifications;

  • Aluminum Unibody
  • Interchangeable Apple-Lens Lenses, with iMount mounting system


  • Front touch screen for self-portraits and for micro-app
  • LED Flash
  • Front pico-projector
  • SD UHS-i slot


  • Siri Compatible;
  • Motion Sensor;
  • ISO range from 100 to 3200 (extendable up to 6400 equivalent)


  • Full HD at 60fps
  • 10.1-megapixel sensor
  • Bluetooth


However, we have some reservations after watching this iCam concept. Apple’s desire to come with an iPhone having a high quality camera would turn the smartphone into a bulky device as incorporation of some essential camera features in phone would eventually result in a “huge & ugly “design. We think that Steve Jobs’ vision would have been a really “smart” device than ADR’s conceptual display.



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