Identities of LulzSec Heads Confirmed, Police to Arrest Them All Soon!

By on June 19, 2011

It seems that identities of the heads operating a very active hacking group “LulzSec“  have been confirmed and soon police will arrest the whole group members to taught them a  hard lesson.It should be noted that LulzSec is the same group that have hacked Sony’s  various websites recently and have published the whole private data of the hacked sites openly to tease Sony and all other folks who are entirely against hacking. Also,LulzSec was most wanted hacking group in the US for hacking many governament sites  along with the sites of law enforcement agencies as well.

LulzSec-6200 emails and passwords hacked

A Rect Message by LulzSec Confirming their Hacking!

Here is the screenshot of a recent  tweet made by  E.J.Hilbert -a former FBI Cyber Crime Agent as per his account information.Notably, ELEVATOR fame i0n1c has retweeted it that means it is really an important move.

LulzSec Identified

If the said tweet is based upon a true information,then it would be a breaking news for all- for Sony, hackers, and for those folks who were waiting for this great news as their private data had been compromised due to LulZSec hacking activities.

It should also be noted that Spanish police has also arrested 03 hackers of Anonymous hacking group who were involed in Sony’s PSN hacking incident.

Stay tuned with us, we are following the whole matter and whenever we get any latest information about LULZSEC group, we will inform you timely.

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