Intel Delays Mass Supply of Ivy Bridge Processors “Until After June”

By on February 16, 2012

According to a latest post by the tech site Digitimes, Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor will be though available in April but in very limited quantity, as the company has begun to tell its partners that mass availability of its new Ivy Bridge processors  has been delayed “until after June”


Intel is quite determined to introduce its new Ivy Bridge processor in its initial time frame of April but due to some constraints the company is now in position to supply limited units only.

Intel recently notified its partners about plans to postpone mass shipments of its upcoming Ivy Bridge processors. Despite that the company will still announce the new products and ship a small volume of the processors in early April, mass shipments are not expected to occur until after June, according to sources from notebook players.

The report predicts that the delay in Ivy Bridge chips might be due to Intel’s intention for bringing down its own flooded supply of existing Sandy Bridge processors and its partners’ PC stocks as well. Noticeably, both Intel’s and its partner stocks have been selling at a very slow rate contrary to earlier estimates made by the company.

It is disappointing news for the fans of Apple Macs, since they are waiting for Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors anxiously as it is strongly being predicted that Apple future Mac products line would be surely equipped with new Ivy Bridge processors.

Also, it has been rumored a lot that Apple is going to merge its Macbook Pro and Air models into one product and upcoming MacBook Pro update would be similar  to Macbook Air in design and look.

Many tech experts believe that Apple is likely set to launch the new Mac update in April; now it is still a matter of consideration whether new Macbook Pro will get an Ivy Bridge processor from the limited supply units from Intel or not.

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