Intel First Ivy Bridge Processors Coming on 8th April 2012!

By on December 28, 2011

Intel first Ivy Bridge processors are expected to make their way in Apple’s next generation of MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, and Mac minis. Earlier, it was reported that Intel would reveal its next-generation mobile Ivy Bridge processors in May, with the release of a few models in April. Now DigiTimes reports; Intel first Ivy Bridge processors are coming on April 8th, with both the mobile processors and desktop processors.


Desktop CPUs to be unveiled include quad-core Core i7-3770K, 3770, 3770S, 3770T, and Core i5-3570, 3550 and 3450, with prices ranging from US$184-332. Additionally, the Core i5-3470T will be available in May priced at US$184. [...]

Notebook CPUs Core i7-3920Qm, 3820QM and 3720QM will be released in April priced at US$1,096, US$568 and US$378, respectively. Other models including Core i5-3520M, 3360M, 3320M and ultrabook CPUs Core i7-3667U and Core i5-3427U will be unveiled later.

Though the latest report seems perplexed as chipsets being launched at the same time with the processors themselves, yet the description of particular processor models draws a scenario showing what Apple might introduce in its next generation updated machines.

The 3820QM and 3720QM processors specifically would be the ultimate successor to Apple’s current processor options in the high-end 15″ and 17″ MacBook Pros.

Apple’s upgrade route in many other cases is less clear given the company’s propensity to use custom-produced chips and a limited first wave of Ivy Bridge processors. The Core i7-3667U and Core i5-3427U processors appear to the only processors in the initial wave of Ivy Bridge processors to meet the thermal design requirements for the MacBook Air, with those processors apparently set for the later May debut.

Apple is expected to release a new 15″ retina display MacBook Pro in Q2 2012, exactly the same time frame in which Intel Ivy Bridge processors are likely to rise on tech horizons.

Also, a new 15″ MacBook Air is also in queue alongside an update for the rest of the line in the Q1 2012. Now the only question is that how Apple would incorporate Intel first Ivy Bridge processors in its computing machines if these don’t release until May 2012.

via: Macrumors

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