iOS Apps Crash More Frequently Than Android Ones! Research Note

By on February 4, 2012

A recent research note published by mobile app monitoring firm Crittercism, reveals that  Apple’s iOS apps crash more frequently than those of its Android counterpart made available by Google at Market Place.


The firm conducted its studies in the first two weeks of December 2011. The results of their research amazingly point out that Apple’s latest firmware iOS 5.0.1 is more culprit in this regard since 28.46% of the all crashes monitored during study were concerned with this specific firmware. However, the research firm explains that it might be due the fact that it is relatively a new operating system and apple would bring some updates in near future to fix its issues causing crashes.

It also point outs that when the firm was carrying out its research about Operating System crashes, many app developers hadn’t updated their iOS apps for making them compatible with this new iOS 5.0.1 firmware which was released in November, a month ago.

The firm put 23 iOS versions and 33 Android versions under their testing manual to know which Operating System is more stable with minimum crash rate. The test results show that iOS 5 aside, all older versions of the Apple’s closed-source mobile software gather huge figure of the app-crashing total. iOS 4.2.1 was responsible for just over 12% of crashes, iOS 4.3.3 was liable for 10.66% and iOS 4.1 had a guilty of 8.24%.

The data, based on tracking of 214 million apps between November and December 2011, reflects iOS apps were crashed at higher rates across all quartiles.

app-crashes data

app-crashes data


In a separate chart, the research firm illustrates the percentage of app crashes across all Android and iOS versions monitored during their investigative procedure.


This research note is a big shock for both Apple and its fans and points out that Apple is amazingly very sluggish in patching its iOS flaws and defects. Though app developers should equally be blamed in this concern but the main guiltier is the Cupertino based apple itself. As an example of the company’s careless in patching its OS flaws is the battery issues faced by iPhone 4S users but Apple has yet to fix it.

On the other hand, though Android is really a soft target of malware attacks as noted previously in many posts, yet Android is better than iOS in the comparison of app crash rates as we learned from the recent research note by Crittercism.

So guys what’s your opinion? I am not much convinced by the above mentioned research results but have no means to deny this on scientific bases.

Via: Forbes

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