iOS Jailbreakers Can Earn $250,000 From Governments By Selling Jailbreak Exploits!

By on March 24, 2012

iOS hackers and jailbreakers are earning a lot of pretty bucks by just developing and selling jailbreak tools to iOS users. They discover exploits in Apple’s iOS firmwares and then on the basis of these exploits they develop jailbreak tools for the users of iPhone,iPad and iPod touch. Apple is highly annoyed with their activities but can’t do anything against them, at this stage. MuscleNerd, Pod2g i0n1cp0sixninja, Geohot are a few famous iOS jailbreakers  at the existing jaibreak scenario.

iOS Jaibreak Tools

The Grugg, a Bangkok-based security researcher who handles the sales of exploit to governments, just reveals that jailbreakers are earning more than $250,000 by just selling their iOS exploits to the governaments, as reported by Forbes.
Grugg also notes that he earns only 15% commission on the sales of these ‘zero-day’ exploits and recently has succeeded to get a iOS deal which could have been worth even more.

He arranged the iOS deal last month, for instance, between a developer and a U.S. government contractor. In that case, as with all of his exploit sales, he won’t offer any other details about the buyer or the seller. Even with the $250,000 payout he elicited for that deal, he wonders if he could have gotten more. “I think I lowballed it,” he wrote to me at one point in the dealmaking process. “The client was too happy.”

It means governments are also investing a lot of money on purchasing the exploits and notably they spend more bucks on getting iOS exploits. Google Chrome or IE exploits set on the second position while Firefox and safari exploits bring more money with third position in the chart embedded below;

iOs exploits and earnings

It would be worthy enough to note that for the Jailbreakme 3 iOS exploit discovered by the hacker Comex last year, government d agencies would spend happily an amount of  $250,000 for elite use of the attack, according to the Grugg estimations.

It should be noted that Apple has already hired Comex to avoid from developing  jailbreak tools for iOS users.

Via: Forbes

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