New iPad Buzz: How This Article Generates Thousands of Dollars/Hour by Mentioning New iPad in Sequence

By on March 8, 2012

Minds are so intellectual and scholarly that they can create an easy way to earn thousands of dollars in Ad revenue by just writing an article….yeah, you would be surprised to know that an Oninon’s article is generating thousands of dollars per hour just by mentioning new iPad as a core keyword. New iPad is the latest tablet by Apple- the most discussed topic of the day.


If you’re a blogger, you can understand what I mean to say…but for the newbies….it would be worthy to describe that “keyword” is that specific word which bloggers use to make their article highly rich in context to the subject. Usually 5-7% keyword inserting is said to be legitimate and well enough to make your article rich for appearing on first 1-3 pages in Google search results that is quite sufficient in terms of capturing visitors and earning revenues by Google adsense or other advertising mediums.

However, more than 7% keywords insertion in the article falls in keyword stuffing which is against the rules of Google. But sometimes a few bloggers use over rich keyword focused article to earn thousand dollars per hour in revenue from adsense. Moreover, a striking, powerful and interesting title of the article can also make it viral on the web just like the Onion’s article, I am mentioning here. This article has both characteristics at a time and is earning thousands of dollars per hour due to massive traffic coming to the site to just see how  “An Article Generates Thousands of Dollars/Hour by Mentioning New iPad in Sequence”.

The title of the article is one of the masterpieces of highly impressive titles we have ever seen in our blogging life and the content is amazingly rich in “keyword” insertion. The writer has cleverly used “New iPad” as a main “keyword” and has woven the whole stuff in such a way that no one can realize what the deception is going on except an SEO expert or experienced blogger.

Just read the whole article, specially the last line “At press time, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad”. You noticed guys! How many times new iPad has been used in this line?….10 times….it is the sharpness of mind the writer has used to get thousands of visitors and thousands of dollars per hour by just writing a clever artcle.

However, we think that such kind of business tactics have no moral ground….just to earn some pretty dollars, you spoil a lot of innocent fans…anyhow, just read the article and tell us your Opinion on it.

Sharp Title: “This Article Generating Thousands Of Dollars In Ad Revenue Simply By Mentioning New iPad”

Article Body:

SAN FRANCISCO—According to industry sources, this news article is generating a veritable bonanza of highly lucrative advertising revenue by mere virtue of the fact that it mentions Apple’s new iPad. “Current estimates show that the particular article I am being quoted in at this very moment began to accumulate thousands of dollars in ad-based profits as soon as the words ‘new iPad’ appeared in the headline,” said market analyst Jonathan Bowers, who single-handedly and out of thin air created cold hard cash for a media organization simply by adding that the new Apple iPad will feature a high-definition screen and an improved processor. ”Furthermore, any subsequent mention of the new iPad in this article—as well as any mention of the fact that preorders for the device start today—is resulting in increased reader traffic and, thus, increased revenues for your company’s ad-based business model.” At press time, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad, new iPad.

Via: The Onion

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