iPads Vs Textbook: Are iBooks Really Cheaper Than Text Books? [Infographic]

By on February 12, 2012

On 19th January 2012, Apple revealed iBooks 2 and iBooks Author by turning one of the most loved dreams of their co-founder Steve Jobs into reality who was desirous to reinvent textbooks for students by making textbooks highly interactive and attractive to them. Will Apple iBooks 2 bring a consider positive change in American education system or Apple is just trying to capture another lucrative market by the name of education and will iBooks be feasible for students in terms of expanses? Let’s have a look on these very sensitive questions.]


According to many education experts, Apple’s iBooks textbooks would not be very helpful for students in their learning and skill development as these offer an amazingly remarkable interactive user interface with embedded video, audio, and graphics, but these would also be much less expensive than textbooks the students have today- with an average cost of around $15, contrary to the current average $75 cost many students pay now.

But, “are iBooks really cheaper than traditional textbooks especially when the cost of a $400 iPad is added to the total expanses?” some sincere teachers at Online Teaching Degree decided to crunch a few of the numbers to judge whether iBooks can reinvent textbooks and can take place of textbooks? The infographic created by them is not in favor of iBooks by Apple…


Via: dsc.discovery.com

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