Another iPhone 4 Catches Fire on Charge – This Time in Brazil! iPhone Hazards

By on December 1, 2011

It seems that in coming days ,the electronic gadgets would be able to set your house on fire, for example, you can read the true stories of “Self-Combustion” of an iPhone 4 in an Australian flight or how older HP Laser Jet printers have sufficient potential to be hacked and catch fire ……….very dangerous but it factually occurred. Now a latest incident has been monitored in Brazil in which another iPhone 4 caught fire. However, this iPhone 4 caught fire on charge overnight in a Brazilian villa.


This on charge iPhone 4 was at a distance of only one foot from the face of its owner when it apparently began to produce smoke, essentially by catching fire.

Such kind of incidences indicate that iPhone is not entirely a safe device to use; it should be noted that how dangerous an iPhone 4 that goes under “Self-Combustion” in a flight could be where passengers have no way to escape except a weeping death.

The security officers of that Australian flight are now doing their best to know the actual reason behind iPhone 4’s self combustion, to avoid from any nasty incidence in future.

Apple is yet keeping pin drop silence on both incidents those occurred either in Australia, or in Brazil.

We highly recommend to not to leave your iPhone plugged into for charging, also read our article ”Sleeping with smarthones is sleeping with Wolves” to know hazards associated with iPhones or Android powered sets.

Another possibility that might be considered is; Apple’s iOS 5 seems the major culprit behind the events of iPhones’ catching fire, either spontaneously or on charge, if both the phones were running iOS 5.

Folks know it well that iOS 5 Battery Life Issue is one of the most prominent issues yet, and our sixth sense provokes that there is an essential linkage between decrease in battery life and increase in chances of catching fire of iPhone 4 models.

Via: Techtudo

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