iPhone 5: Smaller Doc Connector, No Larger Screen, No 18:9 Aspect Ratio, No Metal Back

By on May 12, 2012

Apple’s next Gen iPhone 5 is in the way and folks want to know all about upcoming iPhone 5…all about its design, specs and other beauties. Many tech rumors those hit the web include a larger screen, a bigger aspect ratio 16:9 and a liquid metal back for iPhone 5 but contrary to those all, iMore just notes that Apple is still working on the final design of iPhone 5 and their sources don’t think any bigger change in the hardware of the device that means no larger screen, no bigger aspect ratio and no liquid metal back should be expected as iPhone 5’s highlights. However, the next iPhone 5 would grab a smaller Doc Connector but still no change in the design of Home Screen Button as much rumored by many tech sources.

ilounge_iphone_5_dock connector

Apple typically makes extensive use of the prototyping process, which could well be the source of inconsistent rumors (perhaps best seen in the conflicting iPhone rumors last year). Sometimes there are more audacious and more conservative prototypes, with the final choice coming down to component costs and device tests.

Currently, the new, smaller dock connector is being implemented, but no changes to screen size or aspect ratio have been decided on. And yes, it still has a Home button.

The site notes that even if Apple decides to go with a larger screen size for iPhone 5, and there is no chance of a bigger aspect ratio as it makes no sense to the techies.

Still, October is the most probable month for the release of iPhone 5, and a 7 inch iPad Mini. Moreover, Apple has finally decided to tease Google by getting rid of their Google Maps. Instead, Apple is going to introduce its own fully enriched Mapping Services in iOS 6 with a fantastic 3D mode supported by C3-Technologies previously acquired by Apple, obviously for this particular purpose.

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