iPhone Infographic: Happy 4th Anniversary iPhone! A Real Timeline

By on June 30, 2011

Today, Applers are celebrating happy 4th anniversary of Apple’s iPhone worldwide, since it was the same luckiest day of June 2007 when Apple introduced a brand new handy gadget to the tech world-iPhone. It was really ‘iPhone” that succeeded to change the whole chemistry of phones and mobiles industry. 29 June 2007 clearly draws a bold line between the world before iPhone and iPhone world. After the release of original iPhone, every new smartphone looks a replica of the first genuine smartphone “iPhone”, indeed.


With the emergence of iPhone in tech zones, many giant companies are continuously combating the fight of their survival including Nokia, RIM and Palm (now HP). iPhone has become the choice of each decent tech lover within 04 years of its debut. Though many Android powered devices tried their best to compete iPhone but still no one looks even parallel to iPhone.

Mashable has just published a very informative and creative infographic on the occasion of 4th Anniversary of Apple’s iPhone that is actually the real timeline for iPhone and its enhancement;

Mashable also notes something very interesting about iPhone;

The iPhone not only transformed the mobile industry, but changed Apple as a company. In 2007, Apple was nearly 10 years into a fantastic business turnaround. Propelled by the early success of the iMac and pushed further into the black with the iBook, iPod, iTunes and the transition to Intel processors, the iPhone took Apple into an entirely different direction.

As our lovely infographic showcases, Apple’s stock has nearly tripled over the past four years. The company now has a market cap of more than $300 billion, exceeding that of Microsoft. Apple’s revenues are now higher than Microsoft’s, too — something that would have been a laughable suggestion four years ago.



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