Key Suppliers Fear ‘Terrible’ February for Apple

By on March 12, 2013

Recently a report from Citigroup revealed that ‘s Apple would fail to meet its its own Q1/Q2 revenue targets, now, a report from Topeka Capital claims that major Apple suppliers are pointing to “terrible” February for Apple.


The monitor, which keeps tracking the results of Apple’s key suppliers, is amassed by Topeka Capital’s Brian White, an analyst who usually foresees Apple growing upward in stock market.

When [supplier] results are good, it usually means good things for Apple. When the results are bad, watch out.

White says the February results for his Apple Monitor were down 31 percent sequentially, which compares to the typical 8 percent decline. Even if you factor in the Chinese New Year, he still says it’s bad.

The Chinese New Year is eventually going to show drastically reduced production, but White evaluates that the whole result will show a decline of 15% in production referring to “the worst February we have on record.”

White further reveals that that majority of the initially worked out Taiwan monitors confirm weak results, pointing that the whole industry is facing the curb of slowdown, though Apple’s supply chain outlines appear worse than most.

Last month, research firm NPD monitored unexpectedly strong Mac and iPod sales in the U.S. for the month of January, but with those products which contribute a little in fetching Apple’s revenue, iPhone and iPad sales have shown poor performances besides being key hands for Apple’s earnings.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has already alarmed Apple fans and investors to not taking supply chain reports so serious, since the company has several suppliers for many components and that yield rates may differ over time, but Topeka’s Apple Monitor struggles to capture some of those fluxes into explanation by showing the performances of companies within Apple’s supply chain.

Source: Business Insider

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