Michael Jackson’s 50,000 Music Albums Were Hacked in 2011: Sony Confirms

By on March 6, 2012

Last Year, Sony servers were hacked by some Anonymous hackers and now the company confirms that in this cyber attack, Michael Jackson’s entire music catalogue was hacked that had more than 50000 music files. Actually, Jackson’s back catalogue spanning his entire career even with unreleased tracks was hacked by Brits James Marks and James McCormick, the Guardian reports. The two suspected criminals will face judicial trial in January 2013.

Michael Jackson

When the King of Pop “Jackson” passed away in June 2009, Sony Music purchased the rights to all of his released and unreleased music albums for $250 million, allowing the company to sell tracks, DVDs and video games, as reported by CNN Money. The company also had a plan to launch 10 music albums within next 07 years.

Alongside, this hacking incident, Sony had to face another big hacking attack by Anonymous in which the hacktivists succeeded to leak PlayStation 3’s user information, including names, addresses, purchase history and credit card data, in a 2011 hack.

Via: Mashable

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