Microsoft-ASUS Eee Slate Video Ads to Turn iPad 2 Fans towards Eee Slate

By on March 20, 2011

Microsoft and ASUS have just launched Eee Slate promotional Video Ads to turn iPad 2 fans towards their tablet-Eee Slate. The Ads focus on one message” One Window7 Tablet like Eee Slate does all the magic for all -a thoughtful artist, an innovative blogger, a motivate businessman, or a family loving mother”. The Ads also directly attack on Apple’s new iPad 2 tablet by disclosing its flaws and exposing the advantages of Eee Slate over iPad 2 just like Office support.

Asus Eee Slate -Microsoft Windiows 7 -A rival of Apple iPad 2.1

The overall atmosphere of these promotional ads is little bit bulky. Though Microsoft’s Windows 7 provides many benefits for some artistic apps and business integration, the commercials insist to focus on the points that often mirror iPad 2 but are not as much efficient as they could be.

In a commercial for pushing Eee Slate, a mother named Beth Palmer tries to propagate the advantages of her Eee Slate by editing some videos or show photos on it. We think here Eee Slate Ad missing something. Yeah, both Eee Slate and iPad 2 tablet are quite capable of doing photo & Video editing but Eee Slate can’t record the video of Palmer herself; since it has no rear camera while iPad 2 has it.

Another flaw exposed in these Eee Slate commercials is the exhibition of poor performance despite the Core i5 processor and also there is nothing to mention about the battery life; ASUS Eee Slate has a battery life of only 3 Hrs which is much less than iPad 2’s battery life of 8 Hrs. And the comparison of the prices between two tablets is also missing in the ads. Apple’s iPad 2 is less expansive (almost half in price) than ASUS Eee Slate which costs $1000.

We think at this stage, ASUS Eee Slate is not superior to Apple’s iPad 2 besides of the fact that it Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS rides over it. However, Microsoft’s upcoming tablets specific Windows 8 may bring some substantial  edge  for Eee Slate over iPad 2.

Here are the video Ads by Microsoft-ASUS for promotion of their tablet- Eee Slate;


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