Microsoft Kinect 2 Will Read Your Lips, Sense Facial Expressions with Highly Adavnced Motion Sensors! Kinect Effect

By on November 30, 2011

Innovation is always appreciated and recognized. So Microsoft is now determined to put some innovative magic in their Kinect device that would really boost up its value and will turn this gaming device into a highly robotic gadget equally useful in medical, art and education, as a new Microsoft ad “Kinect Effect” shows.

Microsoft- Kinect

The new Kinect Ad shows how powerful this device might be in future as it exhibits its potential to work in real life with highly improved & advanced motion sensors.

Microsoft Kinect 2 will quite be able to even read lips motion. Also, it would exclusively be used for reading the facial expressions and body language of the users to tell them whether they are happy or annoyed

The vide ad is consist of  a few wonderful uses of Microsoft Kinect with some examples based on concept and fiction, but all these examples portrait the future of Kinect device having an immense appeal for techies; some of them we have already experienced  as DIY user Kinect hack projects on the internet.

Here is the video ad for your viewing pleasure and for getting info about the potential of Kinect  as a next generation device;

Via: Inforains

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