Microsoft Releases Latest Version of Windows Phone 7 “Mango”! What’s New in Mango

By on May 24, 2011

Today, Microsoft held two separate events in New York City and London to release its latest version of Windows Phone 7 -“Mango”. Here is an initial response over new mobile operating system “Mango” just revealed by Windows giant Microsoft. Mango is based upon the Microsoft’s 7-month older Windows Phone 7 with some modifications to make this phone OS smarter and easier for its users.

Communications, Apps & Internet were most important areas on which Microsoft focused while developing latest version Windows Phone 7-Mango.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 -Mango

Mango seems to be a revolutionary modification in Windows Phone 7 with improved multitasking, better cloud integration and excellent platform tools. However, the most appealing features of the previous Windows Phone 7 Version are included to make it a fine blend of fresh and old handy dandy features.

What’s new in Windows Phone Mango?

Improved “copy and paste” function: According to Priyanka Singhal, Windows Phone’s program manager,In Mango, when you tap on copy you get a sound, so that people get more sense of success. We’re tweaking the look and feel of the buttons and making some UI [user interface] improvements to make sure it’s more clear that multiple paste is possible.”

Pinnable email folders: Create a shortcut to messaged on the start screen for quick access. This could be an email folder for a specific project, from a specific group or person (like your boss), or an RSS feed you’ve set up in Outlook.

Server search: Access emails that no longer exist on your phone but are only available on the server (e.g. Exchange Server).

Lync: Lync Mobile connects colleagues through Instant Messenge and video chat. The Lync app will be a free download from Windows Phone Marketplace and will be enabled with support from your business organization.

Share documents in the cloud: Collaborate on work more easily by sharing Office documents through Office 365 and Windows Live SkyDrive, which ensures everyone will have access to the latest documents when and where they need them.

Conversation view in Outlook: Emails will be organized by conversation threads in Outlook (like Gmail, though I am not a fan of the style), rather than individual messages as they arrive in the inbox.

Via: Zdnet

Here is the video of Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP of Windows Phone Program Management, introducing Windows Phone 7- Mango;

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