New Samsung Galaxy S II Ad Punching Apple Fans Waiting for “iCloud”! Why Wait?

By on December 10, 2011

Samsung enmity for Apple isn’t a hidden factor now. Every techie knows it well that Samsung is almost turned into a big flame ready to fire Apple and all its products. Avoiding the background of Samsung hate for Apple, a new Samsung ad continues to poke fun at Apple and its fans aggressively  and shows the Apple folks waiting for the next big thing “iCloud”  asking them “Why wait” when Samsung Galaxy S II already has the same feature for storing and streaming movies & music without beating drums on the lyrics of “The Next Big Thing”.

New Samsung Galaxy S II Ad

Notably, the entire theme of TV ads for promotion of mobile phones is shifting from focusing on featuring the highlights of their own phones to making fun of other’s products or insulting the fans of their rivals….that is the present “big shit” of advertisement industry, in our opinion! If not believe, you can watch the HTC Rhyme commercial, Motorola Droid Bionic ad and Sprint’s Evo 3D spots as examples.

We don’t advocate any company but, at least, ethics must be honored in any case to avoid from turning high quality decent “Ads” to substandard offensive “Bads”.

Here’s new Samsung galaxy S II Ad jabing on Apple and its Fans waiting for “icloud” in long lines;

Source: Techcrunch

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