Samsung’s Galaxy S III (GT19300) Pops Up on the Official Site! A Hint or a Mistake

By on January 27, 2012

Who can deny the amazing success of Samsung’s Galaxy Line of smartphones including Galaxy S and Galaxy S II; especially Galaxy S II has gotten a huge appreciation from the world since its debut and has beaten even Apple’s best iPhone 4S by winning “Phone of the Year” Award. Android lovers always try to put their hand on Samsung’s Galaxy S/ S II models as these are enriched with absolutely powerful specs and larger screens. The elegance look and reasonable prices are the other key factors in turning Galaxy S/S II an ultimate choice of Android fans.


Now Samsung is going to introduce the next model of its Galaxy series-Galaxy S III. The tech analysts believe that S III will be another mega hit from Samsung, the company seriously making efforts to compete apple in the tech markets with its quality products.

One can imagine how much Galaxy S line of smartphones was popular among the folks that even Google had to introduce “Galaxy” in its “Nexus” product line’s nomenclature; so the world became able to grab Samsung’s “Galaxy Nexus” smartphone models.

Now the Korean tech giant “Samsung” is expected to reveal the next model of its own Galaxy S series “Galaxy S III” in upcoming Mobile World Conference that seems a great event to announce a new smartphone.

However, Samsung is still hesitant in disclosing its plans about S III release and the company is continuously doing brain storming meetings over this matter. The company doesn’t want to cease the current huge sales of its Galaxy S sales and trying to dig out the most appropriate timing for launching a new handset in the smartphone market.

With this background, the folks would wonder to know that Samsung’s UAE website has just posted a photo showing a new handset in the drop-down list with by the codename of  GT-19300, the upcoming Galaxy S III. It seems that whether the company is now hinting towards the release of its next Galaxy S III phone in near future or somebody has mistakenly done this without any intentions.

Samsung Galaxy S 3-GT19300

We hope Samsung’s new S III would be a yummy treat for Android fans as it would come with Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich and the photo posted on the official site of the company is actually a prior caution to the tech junkies that a megastar is just to capture the tech markets worldwide.

No doubt, Samsung’s Galaxy S III would prove a huge earning hand for the company that would be introduced as a real killer for Apple’s iPhone series of handsets.

Via: PocketNow