Siri is “Extremely Rigid” Assistant, Doesn’t Direct Users to Abortion Clinics! CNN

By on December 1, 2011

iPhone 4S personal assistant “Siri” is the most powerful feature that convinces folks to buy it in earliest. It is just an amazing and remarkable voice recognition system…………its blunt replies are the core of iPhone 4S device. Though Siri is able to help you in finding hospitals and drugstores, even bars and clubs but is quite unable to direct you to Abortion clinics, as reported by  the American Civil Liberties Union.


The ACLU is an advocacy group that has launched an online campaign requesting people to send e-mails to Apple asking it;

“if Siri can tell us about Viagra, it should not provide bad or no information about contraceptives or abortion care. Send a message to Apple: Fix Siri.”

A latest post on the groups blog reads;

“Although it isn’t clear that Apple is intentionally trying to promote an anti-choice agenda, it is distressing that Siri can point you to Viagra, but not the Pill, or help you find an escort, but not an abortion clinic. We’re confident that the developers at Apple want to provide iPhone users with accurate information.”

On the other hand, Apple replied that this inability of Siri wasn’t an intentional move:

“Our customers want to use Siri to find out all types of information and while it can find a lot, it doesn’t always find what you want,” Apple spokeswoman Natalie Harrison said. “These are not intentional omissions meant to offend anyone. It simply means that as we bring Siri from beta to a final product, we find places where we can do better and we will in the coming weeks.”

To verify the claim made by ACLU that Siri doesn’t recognizes  the term “Abortion Clinic”, CNN carried out a test and revealed that while Siri was able help you in finding  reproductive health services, but never replies the question

“Where can I get an abortion?”

Instead helping, the personal assistant “Siri” replies;

“Sorry, I couldn’t find any abortion clinics.”

However, Siri is able to direct users to Planned Parenthood, a group that provides reproductive health services, including abortions as it locates a  nearby clinic if asked for it.

Also, Siri efficiently directs you all stores and clinics from where you can get help in family planning.

Siri’s inability to locate Abortion Clinics has become the hot topic of discussion on the web and folks are pushing out their views and opinions about all cons and pros of this matter.

A blogger wrote on a site called The Abortioneers.

“If abortion information is plentifully available on the interwebs, and Siri is pulling those types of requests from the Web, why does Siri not have an answer about birth control or abortion?”

Another Megan Carpentier commented on Raw Story,

“In New York City, Siri doesn’t know what Plan B is and, asked for emergency contraception, offers up a Google results page of definitions.”

We think Siri is an extremely rigid assistant as it doesn’t directs users to abortion clinics….Long Live Siri! Ha…aha….aha

Via: CNN

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