Sony Orbis (PS4) vs Microsoft Durango (Xbox 720): Leaked Specs/Features

By on January 20, 2013

This year would be very exciting for world gamers since both Sony and Microsoft would reveal the next generation gaming consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720. All players who like to play games on such kind of consoles are keenly waiting for official words from the companies on the features and specs of upcoming consoles but yet they are quiet and calm. However, some private speculations and info is hitting online to reveal the possible features and specs of PlayStaion 4 and Xbox 720. Previously we have posted an article reading Sony PlayStation 4 will be 50% more powerful gaming console than its counter-device Microsoft Xbox 720.

PS4 orbis- Xbox 720 durango

But today we got some extra information about both consoles that also presents comparison in specs of the consoles. Notably, Sony PS4 has been given the codename of Orbis while Microsoft Xbox 720 has a codename of Durango during developing period. So Orbis vs Durango seems too logical?

The information has been posted from comes Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry and provides some early leaked specs of both gaming consoles coming this year to amuse the gaming world.

Both Sony’s Orbis and Microsoft Durango will feature eight-core processors, truly clocked at 1.6GHz and will be built around AMD’s Jaguar architecture.

A wide range of quality laptops features the same CPUs because of low-power consumption of the processor, however Orbis (PS4) and Durango(Xbox 720) consoles will present the core count doubled from what we experience in laptops due to internal design improvements.


Now come to the entirely unfamiliar graphic cards specifications both upcoming consoles will feature. Microsoft completely secures the info about graphic card of their next-generation Xbox console while the Sony’s PS4 will feature a Radeon HD graphics chip that reportedly smashes previous suggestions by an impressive 10%.

Eurogamer further adds the potential specifications of the two gaming hardware just after covering the processors; the new PlayStation 4 will contain 4GB of GDDR5 RAM as compared to new Xbox 720’ 8GB on-board, exactly twice  than PS4.

We also have hard data on Orbis’s memory set-up. It features 4GB of GDDR5 – the ultra-fast RAM that typically ships with the latest PC graphics cards – with 512MB reserved for the operating system. This is in stark contrast to the much slower DDR3 that Durango will almost certainly ship with. Microsoft looks set to be using an offshoot of eDRAM technology connected to the graphics core to offset the bandwidth issues the use of DDR3 incurs. Volume of RAM is the key element in Durango’s favour – there’ll be 8GB in total, with a significant amount (two sources we’ve spoken to suggest 3GB in total) reserved for the OS.


Sony would likely announce the features of its upcoming Orbis console in E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) in June while it is not obvious yet when Microsoft says something about its next gen Durango;  both gaming devices are expected to hit the shelves in November this year.

That said, the AMD connection that defines both Durango and Orbis confirms that both consoles are much closer in design to gaming PCs than their predecessors, which may result in stronger ports to the computer format, not to mention the upcoming Steam Box – a piece of hardware free to evolve and grow more powerful year upon year in a way that Sony and Microsoft’s boxes can’t. And surely Valve must be looking at these specs with perhaps a little relief – AMD’s CPU architecture is designed with power efficiency in mind, and in pure performance terms, even an eight-core set-up should be comfortably out-performed by a fast, modern desktop Intel quad-core processor. In developing and optimising next-gen titles for the lower power console CPUs, it would be richly ironic if PC owners reaped the benefits…

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