Steve Jobs as Franklin Roosevelt in 1944– Apple’s Inspirational Video

By on May 3, 2012

Steve Jobs was not only the visionary tech legend, he was also a great artist and found of doing something new to remain in the news headlines. If you’re not convinced yet, here’s an inspirational video entitled “1944” for your viewing pleasure. In this Apple’s internal video, you can watch Steve Jobs portraying the U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt holding a cigarette in Roosevelt style as revealed by Net Work World in their exclusive post.

 jobs as franklin roosevelt-apple

Entitled “1944,” the almost 9-minute full version was Apple’s in-house takeoff on ”1984,” the iconic first Macintosh TV ad that caused a sensation during that year’s Super Bowl. Set as a World War II tale of good vs. IBM, it is a broadcast-quality production (said to have cost $50,000) that was designed to fire up Apple’s international sales force at a 1984 meeting in Hawaii. A copy of “1944″ was provided to me by one-time Apple employee Craig Elliott, now CEO of Pertino Networks, a cloud-computing startup located two blocks from Apple in Cupertino.

This vide is really a unique one as it presents Steve Jobs as an actor in the role of Franklin Rooosevelt. Moreover, the video is an Apple’s long lost impression on famous ’1984′ Macintosh TV commercial.

Notably, the provider of this rare Steve Jobs video, Craig Elliot , has worked at Apple for about 10 years (from 1985to 1996) and claims that he “never seen (the film) anywhere else” and that there has been “no additional circulation” so far as per his investigation.

Two snippets from “1944,” without any dialogue, do appear in another Jobs video – a photo-montage tribute to him made by Apple employees to mark his 30th birthday. After Jobs died last October, Elliott posted that birthday video to his Facebook page, from where it went viral before being knocked off the ‘Net by Sony Music Entertainment because it used a Bob Dylan song.

For your guidance, Steve Jobs appears at roughly 5:20 in this 9 minutes inspirational video, and at the first glance no one can identify him as Jobs due to his beautiful getup of FDR and fake voice.

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