Some Stunning Secret Features of Apple’s Future Amazing Headquarters at Cupertino!

By on June 12, 2011

We have earlier posted an image of the building  of Apple’s future stunning headquarters at Cupertino just revealed by Steve Jobs recently that shocked everybody participating in the presentation to city Councillor. The spaceship like new building design for Apple’s future HQs was liked almost all persons who are concerned with Apple, stunning Building designs and amazing building plans. However the image,  provided here, of the building plan of Apple’s new HQ reveals some secret features of this Jobs’ mind blowing approach of designing a new building for Apple offices at Cupertino.

New Apple Campus-Cupertino


If we keenly observe the comical image of the Apple future HQs from top to bottom, we would find many stunning secret features of this building. First of all we see a Rooftop Segway Racing Track that is included in this building plan on the request of WOZ! Another Apple giant after Steve Jobs the Great.

Secret Features of Apple New Cupertino HQ

Now have a look on to Colossoum like sets for crowd to watch feeding of Flash developers to lions , live. That’s great.

Now come to Missile Silo with a larger warhead than one that Steve Jobs fitted in older Apple HQ at Cupertino. It’s still targeted at Eric Schmidt. We also add Mark Zuckerburg too. Monsters have made all possible funniest architectural additions in this new building plan for apple future HQs.

Another most stunning funny secret feature that Apple new HQ is going to have in future is the Underground Particle Accelerator where Apple technologies would accelerate Android phones and smash them into atoms…. very hilarious secret feature.

Finally, we appreciate the deep sense of humor with stunning creative mind and amazing innovative approach of the guys at JOY OF TECH for providing us such a masterpiece building plan of Apple’s future HQs with mind blowing secret features. Monsters!  You have won the match.

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