Veeence Disgraces Apple OS X Lion by Naming it “Buggy Cat”!

By on July 12, 2011

Apple is much proud of its latest Mac OS X Lion 10.7 as it considers it world’s most advanced desktop Operating System. Apple has pushed out OS X Lion GM version for developers and its full and final version is expected to release on 14th July for general public, accordingly. While most of tech gurus are calling”OS X Lion” the best OS so far ,a famous iPhone hacker and jailbreaker  Veeence disgraces it  by naming it a “Buggy Cat”. He has also called it a “Cub” rather than a Lion. Here  is the proof of Apple’s mortification by Veeence in the form of his recent tweets.

Veeence-Mac OS X Lion-Buggy Cat

The story begins with Veeence’s tweet made by him about Mac OS X Lion;

Veeence-Mac OS X Lion-Apple

Then again Veeence degraded Apple by naming its OS X Lion as a “Buggy Cat” in reply of a tweet made by his follower;

Veeence-Mac OS X Lion-AppleVeeence didn’t stop him to show his annoy about Apple’s OS X Lion and said again it “It is not a Lion”;

Veeence-Mac OS X Lion-Apple

This time Veeence criticizes the price tag of upcoming OS X Lion version;

Veeence-Mac OS X Lion-Apple-3

Amazingly, Veeence goes wild and confirms “Indeed, Mac OS X Lion is a Cub”;

Veeence-Mac OS X Lion-Apple-5

And finally, one of his follower posts a picture to show that how upcoming OS X Buggy Cat actually looks like,

Veeence-Mac OS X Lion-Apple-6

So, what would Apple do if this tweet becomes viral killer for it and folks began to name “Os X Lion” as “OS X Buggy Cat”? Would Steve Jobs like to counter Veeence’s “Buggy Cat” or would like to keep quite wisely avoiding from possible noise of “OS X Buggy Cat”! Apple can also file a lawsuit against Veeence just like Sony against Geohot….?


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