What is the Difference between iPad 2 Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA Versions: iFixit

By on March 30, 2011

iFixit teardowns of iOS devices are well honored due to their best quality and high reliability. It was factually iFixit which published the first teardown of Apple’s recently launched fantastic tablet- iPad 2 Wi-Fi version just after its release date. Now iFixit just declared that it has finalized the entire teardowns of iPad 2 GSM & CDMA versions too.

iPad 2-Wi-Fi-GSM-CDMA

This time iFixit came out with brief teardowns of iPad 2 GSM & CDMA versions rather than prolonged teardowns as per its previous style. In spite of this, the said teardowns of the iPad 2 variants are quite focused on the important features of both GSM & CDMA models and are well enough to judge the difference between these models by innovative Apple.

The first and key corporal difference between the 3G models is the positioning of micro SIM card slot which smiles at the upper left edge of the iPad 2 GSM version which provides the device subscriber information. Basically, it is the jack cable on the GSM model with which the micro-SIM card is attached while the CDMA iPad 2 versions need no any dedicated slot at all, since in this version the device subscriber information are enclosed on the WWAN board inside the iPad 2.

iPad 2-Wi-Fi-GSM-CDMA.1

Now let’s have a look on disparity of frequencies exercised by iPad 2 GSM and CDMA networks; there is no big difference between both 3G models of iPad 2 as for this concern. They only differ slightly with different antenna configurations, as CDMA comes with an additional antenna than GSM model just alike iPhone 4.

iPad 2-Wi-Fi-GSM-CDMA.2

Now we compare the logic boards of all three variants of iPad 2. All 3G models hold WWAN board extensions housing the hardware which efficiently supports cellular connectivity.

We close our note with this final comparing feature;  iPad 2’s CDMA version is equipped with the same Qualcomm chip dubbed as MDM6600 baseband similar to CDMA iPhone 4 model, while the iPad 2’s GSM model grabs an Infineon chip for its efficient workability.

Via: macrumors


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