White iPhone 4: Long Lines of Applers in the Line of White iPhone 4!

By on April 27, 2011

Apple White iPhone 4 is going to rise tomorrow, with an absolutely enhanced proximity sensors. White color is an icon of soberness, decency and sanctity so it attracts the folks who are much conscious to the color of gadgets they have (American President Barak Obama also likes an iPad 2 in white color). Apple new devices or the latest versions of an existing device always prove hot cakes for  tech minded folks.

White iPhone 4-line up begins

So Apple White iPhone 4 is repeating the history again, and long lines of Apple fans are smiling there in the line of White iPhone 4.

Here is the video proof of the long lines of Applers in Hong Kong where White iPhone 4 is just to rise with the rising of a sunny day;

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