White iPhone 4 Shines at Best Buy: iPhone 4 Shelf Tag

By on February 7, 2011
White iPhone 4-Best Buy Tag

Thanks to Engadget for sharing the picks of White iPhone 4’s shelf tag that were spotted this weekend at a Best Buy (Houston). The Price tag of White iPhone 4 reads: white iPhone 4, AT&T, $599.99 off contract (the same price as the black. White iPhone 4 is a well awaited gadget by Apple that has been delayed for too many times. So for, White iPhone 4 has become a bride who never faced the good face of his groom. We have already noted a number of posts about iPhone 4 in which we pointed out some possible reasons of White iPhone 4’s delay.

White iPhone 4-Best Buy Tag

When I clicked on the Best Buy QR link to view it, the link found dead due to unknown reasons.

Engadget also noted that The Source (Canadian version of Radio Shack) is also ready to stock the White iPhone 4.

White iPhone 4-Best Buy Tag-1

Via: Engadget

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