World’s Best, Most Used and Powerful Web Browsers Those Never Crash!

By on January 8, 2012

Internet has become a vital necessity now, since it helps the folks in every field of life from entertainment to education. However, it feels very irritating when your web internet browser crashes while you’re working with or navigating a very important subject.  You often quarry from your buddies related to technology and web; which is the best browser so far. This post is for all those folks who want to avoid from head ache created by browser crashing during work, especially when they open so much tabs at a time or the sites filled with Flash content. Here’re world’s best, most used and powerful internet browser those never crash and provide you an extremely high quality browsing experience on Internet.

World Best Browsers
1) Apple’s Safari :


Though, Apple’s Safari isn’t too lite as compared to other browsers, but it is the best browser so far to have a cool browsing experience for exploring internet. Personally, I am love in it as it is a well tested, extremely reliable and highly efficient browser for an amusing web experience. Its crash rate is almost 0% as it continues working in opening of large number of sites simultaneously and even playing with flash and high graphic pages which usually load slowly on other browsers. Apple’s Safari takes your browsing experience up to next level of satisfaction. You can download Safari from Apple’s Official Site.

2) Opera  :


World’s lightest browser Opera is my next choice that is really a very efficient and top quality browser too. It is so quick and so smooth that folks actually feel free when exploring internet with it. While using Opera web browser, you can open 50-75 sites at a time and no need to worry if most of them contain flashy pages. Opera is one of the powerful web browsers which are liked by most of net junkie. Official

If you like to download latest version of Opera browser, HERE is the direct LINK.

3) Maxthon:


In the race of world’s best and most used powerful browsers, Maxthon is paced at 3rd position. No doubt, it is another charming treat when we talk about browsing net with some highly proficient browser. Being a little bit heavy browser it comes next to Safari and Opera otherwise it isn’t inferior to them in quality, functionality and minimum crash rate. The most beautiful; aspect of the Maxthon browser is its availability in two modes; Ultra & Reto.

You can download the latest version of Maxthon from its OFFICIAL SITE right now.

4) Mozilla Firefox :

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is loved by millions of the folks using internet globally. But due to its less abilities and uneven functionality, we put it on the 4th place in our latest list of world’s best browsers. It is capable of opening only 25-30 sites at a time otherwise it begins to eat up all CPU resources and crashes eventually. However, its users interface is very attractive and addictive too. People who once use Mozilla Firefox for about a week never try to look back on any other browser in spite of its many issues.

You can download the latest version of this quality web browser Mozilla Firefox from the OFFICAIL  Link here.

5) Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE):


Internet Explorer (IE) is a globally known and well recognized browser by Microsoft. It is the simplest, interactive and efficient with some weaknesses which bring it at 5th place in our opinion list. It is an impressive and well trusted browser but folks are now preferring other browsers over it,…..might be due to the fact that people always like to switch to new and modern products.

Here’s the LINK for downloading latest Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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