You Can’t Replace New iMac’s Original Hard Drive Now: Apple Restricts to Upgrade!

By on May 13, 2011

Unhappily! You can’t replace the original hard drive of Apple’s new iMac models now since Apple has implemented restrictions to replace new iMacs’ native hard drives in case of failure or for upgrade purpose. The existing hard drive in new iMac model is equipped with Apple’s traditional 7-pin hard drive cable and proprietary firmware, and without it the fans of latest iMacs are quite unable to run their devices as these are failed to pass Apple Hardware test.

New iMacs-Replacement-Hard Drive

Hard Drive-Apple’s New iMac 2011


For the main 3.5″ SATA hard drive bay in the new 2011 machines, Apple has altered the SATA power connector itself from a standard 4-pin power configuration to a 7-pin configuration. Hard drive temperature control is regulated by a combination of this cable and Apple proprietary firmware on the hard drive itself. From our testing, we’ve found that removing this drive from the system, or even from that bay itself, causes the machine’s hard drive fans to spin at maximum speed and replacing the drive with any non-Apple original drive will result in the iMac failing the Apple Hardware Test (AHT).

It mean that now any person who desires to replace Apple’s original hard drive in his new iMac machine, would unable to do so if he  bypasses Apple, consequently options have been made limited with increased cost.

It is not a matter of “if” but rather a matter of “when” your hard drive is going to fail. We preach this all the time in regards to having a proper backup strategy in place to prepare from when that failure happens. But it seems now, that when that happens to the main drive on your iMac, you’re left with two options – buy a new drive from Apple and have them install it via one of their Authorized Service Centers, or enjoy the rather large Apple logoed paperweight on your desk. Want a 3.5″ drive larger than 2TB? Too bad – Apple doesn’t offer them.

Interestingly, Apple doesn’t support any kind of do-it-yourself hard drive replacements officially, since the launch of its first breed of iMacs. Many tech junkies were doing so by themselves on the bases of their own skills or with the help of any other person who knows iMacs well. Now they would try to dig out any other way as Apple has implemented restrictions to replace its original hard drives incorporated in its new models of iMac.

Content Source: Macrumors & Macsales

Image Source: iFixit

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