How to Jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 with PwnageTool on iPhone 4, iPod touch 3G/4G & iPad!

You can now jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 with PwnageTool on iPhone 4, iPod touch 3G/4G & iPad 1G. This is a tethered jailbreak which means that after rebooting it you have to boot it again into a jailbroken state.

Jailbreak iOS 4.3.1

Follow our tutorial posted below to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 with PwnageTool 4.2, Universal Ramdisk Fixer & the Tethered Boot tool.

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The Latest Kindle: Download Audiobooks Direct from Via WI-Fi onto your Kindle

Word is changing with the expanding technology. Forget the old styled way of downloading audiobooks on your Kindle now. Amazon just announced on Kindle blog that the fans of books (especially the auodiobooks) now can easily download audioboks direct from vi Wi-Fi connection on to your Kindle.

Kindle-Download audiobooks


In the old way to get audiobooks onto your Kindle, you had to download and transfer the audiobook (file) by a USB cable from your PC to your Kindle. The new way for getting audiobooks onto your kindle just allows you to download audiobooks (files) staright to your device.  Old way is still workable but one can use it only on April fool’s day—-just for the joke.

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Apple is Working on a ‘Smart TV’ Prototype with TV/Video content, Gaming, Apps, FaceTime &DVR!

Apple is a giant master mind behind business activities and always steps forward in right directions to build up its revenue mountains at right time. Today, BGR reports that Apple is working on a Smart TV prototype with TV/Video content, Gaming & DVR, apps, FaceTime and other features. The said report quotes tech analyst Katy Huberty at Morgan Stanly in which he suggested that Apple to launch its first full Smart TV (besides Apple TV) to earn its share from expanding market of TVs. Apple TV is already running at expected pace to grab pretty revenues for Apple the great.

Apple Smart TVAnalyst also hopes that such a Smart TV with so much features and dubbed with Apple’s trade mark will beat its all parallel TV brands in tech markets in no time.

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Just Wait before Updating to iOS 4.3.1: MuscleNerd Warns to Jailbreakers and Hackers

First update for Apple’s iOS 4.3 has just come out on the surface with some minor bug fixes. The iPhone Dev Team has done a deep analysis of the new iOS 4.3.1 update. As per the warning issued by MucleNerd to jailbreakers and hackers, stay away from iOS 4.3.1 update just for extra safe.

iOS 4.3.1 update-MuscleNerd

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An Exclusive Interview of Color CEO Bill Nguyen Exploring Color App for iPhone & Android

Color is a fantastic photo sharing  social networking app which brings some various colors in the dull pictures of your lives. Color has a splendid Win over all other rival apps available for iPhone/iPad & Android. Just after appearing on the App Store, million of its downloads have been made by photo app lovers and thousands of posts have been published on tech sites in the appraisal of this handy app.

An Exclusive Interview of Color CEO -Color

Like its colorful name, Color is a very innovative app with its unique idea and basic philosophy working behind this great app which has got the 26th position in iTunes free apps category.

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Download iOS 4.3.1 Update for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [Important Direct Links]

You can now download Apple’s iOS 4.3.1 update just released by Apple for your for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad, and iPod touch 4G/3G. It is just a minor update which focuses on bugs fixing, without any advancement in much rumored vulnerabilities OR  battery life improvements.


To upgrade your running iOS 4.3 to iOS 4.3.1, just connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with your PC via USB and start iTunes 10.2.1. You should now see a message as per given screenshot, simply click on “Download and Install” button to get on to the new firmware.

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Apple iPhone 4– The World’s Best Gadget with World’s Number 1 Camera [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographics are getting much attention and popularity by the users of iOS and Android devices in recent days. Since these are simple, expressive and provide many details with pictures. We have earlier posted a couple of infographics especially the infographic about iPhone 5’s rumored features was the master piece of information capsuled in creativity with beauty of impressions and images.

iPhone Camera Infographic

We are here again with another exclusive infographic based on the world’s best gadget iPhone 4 and its World’s number 1 camera.

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Ac1dRa1n : Jailbreak iOS 4.3 Tethered with a New Jailbreak Tool Ac1dRa1n by PwnDev Team!

Wow! What a unique name for a new jailbreak tool that looks apparently AcidRain but in actual it is Ac1dRa1n just like Geohot’s fantastic Limera1n & Blackra1n jailbreak tools. This newly designed jailbreak tool is developed by a new hacking team named PwnDev Team which is  trying its best to go beyond the limits in jailbreak paddock-full of dangers.

ac1dra1n-Jailbreak Tool-iOS 4.3

Ac1dRa1n is a jailbreak tool which cans easily jailbreak Apple’s most advanced iOS 4.3 firmware tethered. The beauty of the Ac1dRa1n is its one click workability similar to GreenPois0n- a jailbreak solution for your iOS devices brought by Chronic Dev Team.

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iPad 2 Thinner Glass is Much Flexible than iPad 1 Glass: Strength & Flexibility Test Results

Here is an interesting video demo just posted by 9to5mac which shows the differences in the glasses of iPad 1 and iPad 2 in terms of strength, flexibility and plasticity. You know it well that the glass used for iPad 2 screen was almost 27% thinner than iPad 1; naturally you will assume that it will be less flexible with poor strength than its predecessor tablet iPad 1. But the tests, carried out by the iPhone repair experts at iFixyouri, are showing an amazing result.

Strenth and Flexibility Test-iPad 1 Vs ipad 2

The iPad 2 glass is far better than its ancestor iPad 1; though both are equal in strength but iPad 2 is more flexible than iPad 1 which gives more bending tolerance  to iPad consequently it also exhibits the iPad 2’s win over iPad 1.

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Boxee iPad App for Wireless Video Streaming from iPad to your TV, Mac or PC! SOON

Boxee is well determined to launch its iPad app for enabling wireless video streaming from your  iPad to your TV, Mac or PC running Boxee firmware. Andrew Kippen (VP Marketing at Boxee) has commented that though technically Boxee iPad app would not make use of Apple’s  Wireless technology called AirPlay, yet it would work on the same basic principles required to apply for video streaming.

Boxee iPad app

The Boxee iPad app will allow its users to stream videos wirelessly not only to a Boxee Box, but also to your TV, Mac or PC running Boxee’s desktop software.

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Color for iPhone and Android Will Get Major Update to Fix Loneliness Issue! Color Assures

Color for iPhone and Android is quite a healthy app that allows you to take photos and videos with other people who have Androids or iPhones within 150 ft to craft a group album. Color app fills colors in your memorable pictures and videos and is designed for parties, play dates, and lunch type gatherings.

Color app for iPhone and Android-Color-2

You get their photos, they get yours; you can also share any album with your Twitter and Facebook buddies via this photo sharing app. No doubt, Color is a social networking app for your devices.

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RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Would Run Android Apps! Confirmed

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet is a well awaited gadget for the lovers of slates. A number of tech sources were already rumoring that RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet would run Android apps; today RIM confirmed,  yes the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet would definitely able to run the apps specifically designed for Google’s Android.

BlackBerry-PlayBook Tablet-RIM

The upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook will run a new QNX operating system (QNX is a real time OS specially developed for vital tasks. It has been developed by QNX Software Systems similar to UNIX in nature and is well-suited to POSIX), equally efficient to support both 25000 apps from RIM’s own app store along with the 20000 additional apps available on Android Market.

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A Jailbreak for iPad 2 on iOS 4.3 is Imminent: P0sixninja (iPhone Dev Team)

It seems Apple’s iPad 2 running iOS 4.3 is near to be jailbreaked since an intelligent member of iPhone Dev Team p0sixninja’s recent tweet has a solid hint for it. The tweet claims that it is not iOS 4.3 offering immense resistance to jailbrekers; it is iPad 2 which is absolutely quite a difficult tablet to be jailbreaked.

iPad 2 Jailbreak-Dev Team

Why? The new iPad 2 grabs an A5 Soc which offers a great challenge for jailbreakers even for iPhone Dev Team.

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Download Skype 5.1 for Macs with Enhanced Video Conferencing and Efficient Speaker Identification

Skype is one of the most popular internet telephony services and is loved all over the world for its best quality of video calling. Skype has just released a new Skype 5.1 update with enhanced video conferencing capabilities and an efficient Speaker’s identification abilities to easily recognize the participants of group calls.


No doubt, Skype 5.1 update is a really a very useful software for the folks who like to involve in video calling with much ease and comfort. Moreover, the latest Skype 5.1 update brings fixes for iSight Firewire webcam detection issue too.

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Google’s Think Quarterly: An Online Magazine for Business & Tech Community

Google knows your thinking abilities. Now you can read Google’s own full-length magazine “Think Quarterly” which has been launched by Google and will be published on quarterly basis. Google motto for this online publication is to create a breathing space in busy world.


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