Ad War Begins! AT&T Answers Firmly to the Verizon Latest Ad with its New iPhone 4 Ad [AT&T Latest AD-Answer]

Just after posting the article on latest Verizon iPhone 4 Ad, I found this one on the web.  AT&T took the Verizon Ad deeply from the depths of their heart and soul and replied firmly this time by airing its latest Ad on the web. It was the whole environment & the language of the Verizon Ad, directly hitting the flaws of AT&T services that compelled AT&T to reply firmly this time. The AT&T’s Ad title “Answer” simply exhibits that Ad War between Verizon Wireless & AT&T has begun.


The AT&T Latest Ad –Answer is an interesting piece of creativity. In the Ad, a husband forgets to make dinner reservations for their anniversary. It means there is no meaning of love without caring. So AT&T aired its message on the web that reads;

Only AT&T’s network lets your iPhone talk and surf at the same time!

Voice & data delivery at the same time is the most prominent difference between AT&T’s GSM & Verizon’s CDMA networks. It is a matter of fact that with Verizon, you are unable to receive 3G data during a voice call, however, local WI-Fi networking will be available to use, indeed.

Watch the AT&T’s Latest Ad-Answer & Enjoy!

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