Amazing iPhone 4 Transparent Mod!

Every iPhone users desires a fantastic elegant mod for its device. You also surely want to have the most beautiful iPhone 4 mod. Here is this! The most thrilling crystal clear mod for iPhone 4.It is the result of great artistic & innovative work done by one of enterprising users who removed the front and back glasses of his iPhone 4 and turned them into crystal clear panels by removing the paint with paint thinner. You can see all the images, after a jump, displaying the mind blowing work in which the inner parts of iPhone 4 are quite visible, creating a wonderful impression. However, still a debate is running on, whether this fantastic mod was crafted by removing paint with a thinner or it is the magic of a clear case mod kit for iPhone 4 that gifts such a magnificent look to iPhone 4.

Here are the images of the described iPhone 4 mod for your kind pleasure, see them and appreciate the creativity and ingenuity rendering in each image;

iPhone 4 Transparent-1

iPhone 4 Transparent-2

iPhone 4 Transparent-3

iPhone 4 Transparent-4

iPhone 4 Transparent-6

iPhone 4 Transparent-7

iPhone 4 Transparent-5

iPhone 4 Transparent-8

We think that the work is, no doubt, arty based on a notable idea “Crystal Clear iPhone 4 mod”. However, it would be more startling if processor and other components could have the crystal clear look too.


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