Angry Birds Halloween HD Edition Special for iPhone and iPad

Angry Birds is one of the best puzzle video games that was initially released for iPhone and iPod touch users which defines the joy of excitement and thrill. It was developed by the Finland based company Rovio Mobile and got a matchless popularity within a few days of its releases. About 7 million copies of Angry Birds have already been sold out since then and its lovers are still increasing at a rapid pace with the passing of each and every moment. Angry Birds is a real bonanza and a unique game like its name. If you like to play video games then it will be much better for you to play it in your earliest time of refreshment and relaxation.

Angry Birds Halloween HD

Angry Birds have gotten a very positive and appreciative response by the critics and reviewers since its release in 2009.

Macworld magazine admires Angry Birds by commenting;

an addictive, clever, and challenging puzzler

Wired News comments positively on Angry Birds;

going for the maximum number of stars certainly adds a lot of replay value to a fairly extensive game

Angry Birds

Angry Birds have achieved a number of awards from international community concerned with video games. “Best Casual Game” award nomination at Barcelona, Spain in Feb’10 is one of the best achievements for its developer. It is also worthy to mention that it was brought to Apple’s App Store US after winning the crown of “ Best Selling Paid App ”at Apple’s App store UK. The free and limited version of Angry Birds game has been downloaded about 11 million times by iOS device users. Its full and paid version has been sold out for about 7 million times as of Sep’10. Angry Birds also got full acknowledgement by Android users with the fact that its 1 million copies have been downloaded in first 24 hrs of release of its Android version exceeding above 2 million downloads within a week. Well done Angry Birds; I am very pleased to play you.

Angry Birds Halloween HD

This Special Angry Birds Halloween Edition has some extraordinary pleasures for its lovers;

Hundreds of pigs, pumpkins and plump, pulverizing birds!
45 daunting levels of pig and pumpkin-smashing action!
A Fearsome Tale of a Golden Egg… of Terror!

Now the Angry Birds Halloween is again in the skies of games with some new interesting features and powering capabilities on the event of the Halloween. You are free to use Angry Birds Halloween  huge and massive powers to damage the gangs of pigs and to crash all pesky pumpkins in the gaming procedure.

Closing Comments on Angry Birds Halloween!
Angry Birds Halloween Edition Special consists of the hours of gaming time and its chemistry is based upon the human psychology that likes the thrill, excitement, revenge and powers to destruct his enemies. It’s all 45 levels are full of thrill, adventure and ecstasy, requiring colossal logical potentials and skills to win over the games structural menus. All these features enhance its replay value and the person who once falls in its love always wants to play Angry Birds Halloween only.

You can augment your Halloween enjoyments with Angry Birds Halloween Edition Special; it will catch you definitely.

Download Angry Birds Halloween from Apple’s iTunes App Store at a price of $0.99 and $ 1.99 for iPh9one and iPad respectively.

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