Angry Birds Wins Apple App Store Hall of Fame

Well done Apple’s App Store by introducing “App Store Hall of Fame” feature in your niche. It will surely guide us to select the most popular, top of the top, and best of the best App from App Store. While there are so many apps smiling on App Store, selecting the proper one is a little bit confusing since all apps are productive, interesting and have enrich features. Apple’s App Store Hall of Fame allows the users to choose one of the best 50 Apps of all time. It will certainly prove a unique and prolific move by App Store. Let us see the top 50 apps recently placed under “hall of Fame” category by apple’s App Store.

It is another good approach that App Store comprises the list by pulling together both types of the paid or free apps that enhances the versatility and credibility of the Hall of Fame feature.

Apple App store Hall of Fame

At this stage, you will be certainly looking for the app smiling at the honorable crowned “Top of the Top” seat. Yea! Your guess is 100 % right. It is the most popular, extremely loved and absolutely addictive app “Angry Birds” that got the first place among all other best of the best apps on App Store. What are the factors that made “Angry Birds” so popular and trendy app? We think it is its most promising addictive nature and replay value that makes the “Angry Bird” a secular app to smile on the top of the top 50 apps on app store.

Guys! You can also write the major key features and specific natures of “Angry Bird” to argue “Why it is so popular app?”

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