Another Landmark for Apple & iPad: New Constitution for Hungry is Being Drafted on Apple’s iPad

The new Constitution for Hungry is Being Drafted on Apple’s iPad!  Wow! It is another landmark for both Apple and its amazing product iPad too. Apple’s iPad has proved itself as a great gadget of our times and now comes in the parliaments as a reliable laptop alternate.  Bloomberg was the first who discovered this story from a blog post of Jozsef Szajer, a ruling party lawmaker in the European Parliament.

Jozsef_Szajer- A Hugrian Politician

New Hungarian Constitution is Being Drafted on Apple's iPad-Jozsef Szajer

Szajer reports in his blog post about the utility of Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPad in Hungarian parliament affairs;

Steve Jobs will surely be happy when he gets word that Hungary’s new constitution is being written on an iPad; actually my iPad. The best is I don’t have to wait for minutes to turn it on, like with a normal laptop. I can open it anywhere and can take advantage of every minute. It’s a miracle!

It would be also interesting that this post was published on March 1, the day before  the releasing of next generation  iPad 2 by Apple’s CEO, Steve jobs. As iPad 2 is much enriched version of iPad tablet with rear and front cameras, a faster chip and a thinner elegent design, we hope that Szajer will take no time to have it in his ruling hands.

iPad-2 in parliament

Apple iPad 2 in Parliaments Now!

We also hope that Apple’s iPad will make no mistake in drafting of a new constitution for Hungary and new drafted constitution will be presented in the parliament according to the due date in April given by Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban.

via: Bloomberg

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