Apple’s iOS 4.3 Issues! iPod touch Graphical Glitches & Apple TV Screen Flickering

Now the users of Apple’s new iOS 4.3 has set to repot various issues experienced by them while operating their iOS devices iOS running iOS 4.3; iPod touch Graphical Glitches & Apple TV Screen Flickering are the most prominent issues of iOS 4.3 reported so far. The busiest forums of two high ranked tech sites, Engadget and AppleInsider, are rapidly filling with the complaints of iOS 4.3 users facing Graphical Glitches on iPod touch screen and flickering of Apple TV’s screen while running iOS 4.3.

ipod touch-graphical glitch-IOS 4.3 Issue

Engadget’s post on Apple’s iOS 4.3 issues reads;

We’re seeing dozens of reports online of iPod touch users, particularly those with fourth generation models, who are seeing odd graphical glitches since updating to 4.3. These are most noticeable on the lock screen, as you can see above and in the focus-challenged video below, but people are reporting other issues as well, like overlapping icons and other pixel oddities.

While an official at Apple support has confirmed to AppleInsider that Apple is well aware of iOS 4.3 prominent issues especially Apple TV screen flickering issue caused by their most recnt operating system iOS 4.3.

AppleInsider reports;

The Cupertino, Calif., company is said to be working on a fix that will address the screen flickering problems for a small number of users.

Here is a video demo displaying graphical glitches on iPod touch 4G screen caused by Apple’s iOS 4.3 firmware;

Are you also facing the same issues on your iPod touch or Apple TV or even any other issue on any of iOS device on iOS 4.3 which comes across to your experience? If yes, don’t hesitate to loud up your voice by contacting with Apple Support. Apple is certainly attentive to your voice and will soon dig out the fixes for these annoying issues of iOS 4.3, hopefully. Hitechanalogy have already done the same in this concern!

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