Apple’s iOS 4.3 May Be Released on Wednesday, March 9?

What the hell is going on! Apple has already announced March 11 as a releasing date for its new iOS 4.3, but rumors are continuously disturbing the whole scenario. Now Loopinsight again throws a stone in still water by reporting that Apple’s iOS 4.3 may be released on Wednesday, March 9.

iOS-4.3-relaese date

Previously some reports read that Apple’s most advanced operating system iOS 4.3 may raise on tech horizons today but nothing happened as for iOS 4.3 perspectives. When they were asked to comment on this rumor, Loop’s Jim Dalrymple answered confidently that he yet believes it hard that Apple’s iOS 4.3 will be surely released earlier than its announced releasing date March 11, and Wednesday march 9 will be the most probable date as per his able-bodied prediction.

Apple’s new iOS 4.3 has gathered a lot of attractions for the users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch smartphones. A faster JavaScript operation, an improved AirPaly and a new Personal Hotspot, are its most loved features for which everyone is waiting for it.

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