Apple Again Named as Barron’s Most Respected Tech Company -2010

Apple is really the biggest giant of the tech world. The Professional Money manger’s recent   survey establishes the fact; and Apple has been placed at No.1 position in Barron’s annual list of the world’s most respected companies in a row. Though, the long awaited list has drawn out after a delay of about two months but Apple honorably succeeded to sustain its valued position for the long rally of 2010. It is a great tribute to Apple to be named again first among Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft like highly professional tech companies. Well Done Apple and Good luck to all Applers with their iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Barron List of Most Respected Tech Companies-2010.1

It is also worthy to know that Professional Money Managers controls 70% of Apple’s Sky Kissing shares (AAPL) & thus they were legally responsible for keeping  company’s name in good books for the year 2010.

Vito Racanelli comments on Apple’s first position in the list of Barron’s Most Respected Tech Companies it his  week’s cover story,;

The bouquet of accolades thrown at Apple might make even Steve Jobs blush … ‘visionary,’ ‘courageous,’ ‘innovative’ and possessed of a ‘strong corporate culture,’ which has fostered ‘consistent execution.

He further notes;

For Apple, it is hard to know where respect ends and blind adulation begins.

You can see the name of Apple on the top in the latest list of Barron’s Most respected Companies 2010, showing 25 top ones.

Barron List of Most Respected Tech Companies-2010

For the full 100 companies succeeded to place themselves in Barron’s list, click here.

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