Apple Diplomacy: Steve Jobs Gifted an iPhone to Russian President Flashing AT&T

Apple had put its  share in international diplomacy to bring nations together in the vast circle of friendship and humanity.It was disclosed by the assistant to Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, through his tweet coming up on the surface earlier this week.  The tweet reads that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs gifted an iPhone to Russian President during his visit to the US back in June 2010; and surprisingly it was flashing with AT&T which didn’t work in Russia. In other words Jobs gifted an iPhone which was never operated by Mr.Medvedev, President of Russia. What you will name this strange diplomatic act committed by wise Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs with Russian President

The said tweet by the assistant to President reads:

тот телефон был с прошивкой AT&T, здесь – не очень работает:)

Translation of which is (according to Google Translate):

that the phone was flashing with AT&T, here – not working

Tweet-Steve Jobs-Russian Presedent

I think, Steve Jobs gift was  a very unique example of wise diplomacy. Jobs gifted the iPhone to show that the US had a great respect for his dear honorable guest and for his nation. And the flashing of AT&T flashed that Russia had to do more for democracy and human rights to come close with the US at such a point where they can speak  more frankly & frequently with Russia, otherwise the line will remain dead to use.

Well Done Jobs! You are fit for a diplomat too.

via:  TheReadersEye

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