Apple Endeavors to Divorce Optical Media! Evidences

Apple is continuously trying to divorce optical media like CDs and DVDs. It is reported grippingly by M Seilger of a well known tech site TechCrunch recently. According to him, “Apple is purposely going to have a disc free environment by promoting its iTunes Store and App Store. There are some solid evidences that expose the Apple’s efforts in the said direction.” Let’s analyze these evidences.Apple intentionally kicked off the CD from iTunes 10 Logo and converted it into an old fashioned but comparatively much apathetic icon. This particular go by Apple exhibits that Apple is not in the favor of optical media like CDs & DVDs and have a strong urge to promote its own stores, iTune10 and App Store certainly.

If you remember, Apple had smashed up the optical media trade with the release of its iPod in 2001 and it almost deleted the CD forever by launching iTunes Music Store in 2003.You know the fact that still CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray are cheaper entertainers as a media transfer tools and their killing is not an easy task; even if Apple is fully meticulous to slaughter them at a matchless pace. You can estimate the Apple’s stabs regarding this bitter fact by the release of New MacBook Air having a USB Port instead of an optical drive. It is another example of Apple’s enmity against optical media devices and makes it obvious that Apple will bury the optical media devices in near future.

USB port in Macbook air

USB Port in MacBook Air (Image:

Mac App Store, as announced in Apple’s recently celebrated ” Back to the Mac” event, is another attempt in this series that positively strengthen our arguments that Apple wants to eradicate optical media and wishes to proceed further  with USB ,direct downloads  and automated updates.

The DVDs were a logical swap of CDs since they have about 6 times larger disc space and clarity of videos too. Contrary, Memory Cards (as installed in New MacBook Air) and USBs are much expansive than optical media devices. But Apple is insisting constantly and continuously trying to make optical media archaic and obsolete.

We will welcome your opinions in favor or against the Optical Media Devices in form of your comments.

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