Apple Locks Digital Signatures in iTunes for iOS 4.2.1 Forcing Users to Install iOS 4.3

Apple’s iOS 4.3 has come to the surface and its users are commenting on its advantages, features and issues as most forums of the tech sites reflect this fact. However, there are still many users who are not convinced by iOS 4.3 features and running iOS 4.2.1 yet on their iOS devices-iPhone, iPad ,iPod touch or Apple TV. Bad news for such users appears from the iPhoneitalia site; Apple has locked digital signatures in iTunes for iOS 4.2.1 users preventing all those folks who have not saved SHSH blobs on their devices to update or repair to this firmware version, forcing users to install Apple’s new operating system iOS 4.3 right now.

Apple locks Digital Signatures in iTunes for iOS 4.2.1

If you did not saved SHSH blobs, don’t attempt to carry out any process to jailbreak or unlock your devices since it can turn very dicey for you, as you could be forced to update your devices to new iOS 4.3 firmware.

However, if you have saved the SHSH blobs via Cydia or TinyUmbrella, you are free to downgrade to 4.2.1 using iOS through our tutorials in jailbreak category. To avoid from any discrepancy in future, we strongly recommend you to begin to save SHSH blobs on iOS 4.3 just from now; usage of TinyUmbrella would be more beneficial for this purpose.

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