Apple Will Launch Its Next Generation iPad 2 on 2nd OR 9th April ’10 in US, Others Would Have to Wait for 3 Months More- I Say No

Apple will launch its new Next Generation iPad 2on 2nd OR 9th April ’10 in the United States while the other countries would have to wait for 03 months more. It has been exclusively reported by MacNotes, a German site on Apple’s iOS devices. (In the headline, 7th April is written wrongly). Both the possible dates are falling on “the Saturdays” just similar to the first generation iPad which was revealed on 3rd April ’10-exactly a Saturday. But I Say No…

iPad 2-Possible launching Date-1The MacNotes writes;

Reliable sources told us about the upcoming launch of the Apple iPad 2: the first or second Saturday in April will see the first sales of Apples new tablet. The iPad 2 will sell US-only for three months, and Apple Store-only for up to half a year. In July, more countries will follow. Walmart, Best Buy and Co. maybe have to wait until October until they are allowed to sell Apples new tablets

Macnotes further adds that Apple will continue its previous practices by releasing Next generation iPad 2 first for the US and then for other countries about 3 months later exactly following the similar manner which Apple exhibited at the time of launch for iPad (First Generation) in the last year. App Store will find the iPad 2 after 6 months of its launch date. Other retailers of iPad like Walmart & Best Buy would have the iPad 2 in the end of the year 2011for sale. It is worthy to describe here that the first iPad was simultaneously made available through Apple & Best Buy at its launching date.

The new iPad 2 will be enriched with Retina Display, USB port and two cameras; the Retina Display will be of higher DPI resolution quality than iPhone 4.

I also tried my best to have some access to Apple insiders on this matter but still my efforts are not fruitful. However, I SAY NO. I can bet on the basis of my sixth sense that Apple will launch its new Next Generation iPad 2 on any fine evening of April ’10 but not on Saturday; It will be a GOOD SUNDAY this time.

What you say guys?

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