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This week was also a very productive and dynamic because of very fresh and useful apps that appeared on the horizons of iOS Device`s market with pomp and show. We tried to isolate most important and must have best apps of the week for you from thousands of other apps. Here is a brief description of these apps which are unique in nature, attractive in utility and enriched in features.1. Tango Video Call: A salsa that facilitate you efficiently

A really new Tango Video Call App holds number one position among best apps of the week, an app that lets you to have high quality video calls on both Wi-Fi and 3G. If you are the user of FaceTime Video Calling but a Wi-Fi connection is not always with you then it Tango Video Call app that helps you in this matter. So download this app as soon as possible. It is absolutely gratis app that allows you high quality video calling on a Wi-Fi connection or on iOS devices (3G).It has also the capability of populating your iPhone Contact List robotically with You Tango Contacts. Another feature, that will surely attract you, is its ability to let you free for doing video calling with your friends having other iOS devices rather than iPhone only. So we marked this app as number one among the best apps of the week.

tango video app

No.1 App of the week

2.  PDF Expert App: An authority on PDF needs for iPad

PDF Expert App acquires number two position in our list entitled as best apps of the week. It is really the eventual key of all troubles related to PDF on your smart and cute iPad. It is a highly enriched application for resolving all the problems of reading and glossing PDF files on iPad. Your PDF files can also be made Password Protected to restrict any other person to read your private files.

PDF Expert

No.2 App of the week

Moreover, you have full right to edit your already stored documents on your iDisk, Dropbox or on Google Docs Accounts. Sharing of edited PDF files with your friend through email is also allowed by this wonderful app. Besides of having so much unique qualities, it costs you only for $5 right now.

3.   PlainText App: A master of text editing attuned with all iOS devices

PlainText App is smiling on 3rd position with its features to save your work using your Dropbox Account. Its appearance is like a fine paper that is very touchy in feel, and has proved itself as an immense alternate of iOS build-in Notes Apps that were not as prolific as this app is.


No. 3 App of the week

So we have described our point of view. What is your opinion about these apps and you are quite free to re-rank these apps according to your own choice. The only things we need are your comments on the post. Your comments compel me to write very informative and technical post with a literary touch to keep the whole article light and alittle bit funny.

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