Breaking! Comex Jailbreaks iPad 2 on iOS 4.3 [Video]

Wow… Wow…wow! Comex, a well known iPhone developer and hacker, has finally managed to jailbreak Apple’s recently released iPad 2.,which is a great news for all those guays who were interested in ipad 2’s jailbreak on iOS 4.3. If you remember! Comex is the same hacking master who have earlier gifted us some fantastic jailbraking tools like Sprint and JailbreakMe. Here is a video for raising your heart beats in which you can have a look on to a Jailbroken iPad 2 running Cydia….just after the short break.

Jialbreak iPad 2 on iOs 4.3

: by : osP6lz
: would’ve had it yesterday if I didn’t have to spend 1.5 days looking for a replacement exploit (which came from a most unexpected place…)
: Congrats to for jailbreaking yet another brand new device (iPad2) while 2500 miles away from it!

Yet no official ETA has been announced by Comex, we will inform you timely as it rises to shine in jailbreaking community.

Via: Twitter ABC

Stay tuned with your jailbreak pleasures and Hitechanalogy to get more juice from your Apple’s iOs devices like iPad 2 tablets.

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