Breaking: RIM to Release BBM for iOS & Android Devices

Life becomes much glamorous with every change on the globe. Be ready to absorb a revolutionary change by RIM as reported by BGR, just a few hours ago. BGR reports with its various reliable sources that RIM is trying its best to release its most wanted BlackBerry Messenger app on both rival companies’ app stores; Apple’s App Store & Google’s Android Market . It means that RIM is well determined to bring BBM outside the curbed boundaries of BlackBerry now.

BBM on iOS and Android Devices.1

The report further adds that all necessary actions to release BBM for iOS and android devices have been taken and the blockbuster messaging mobile app BBM is ready to ride on iOS and Android powered Smartphones.


BGR said report has no information about the price of BBM yet, though it clears that it would be a little bit substandard version of BBM for iOS and Android handsets; you will have to own an elegant BlackBerry set to get full scaled BBM on your devices.

BBM on iOS and Android Devices

The sources also rumored that the Android version of this great BBM app will be available soon on Google’s Android Market while its iOS version would certainly take some time to come on the surface. Apple’s strict protocols for approving an app to its App Store are the real hurdles to cross for BBM.

We hope that BBM will be available soon on your iOS and Android devices. RIM! Make BBM possible to smile on iOS and Android gadgets as earlier as you can.

Via: Engadget

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