Core Dual Lust: iPhone 5 can Have Qualcomm Chipset & A8 Duel Core Processor

iPhone 5 is another Apple’s hot cake which will surely be eaten in no time once it comes out from the Cupertino tech bakery in 2011. Some more rumors are describing the possible mounts and features of upcoming iPhone 5. The basis of the rumors lies in the news that Kinsus (a Taiwan based company and specialist in FC-CSP (Flip Chip – Chip Size Package, flip – chip size package) have made a deal for Qualcomm Chipsets in a huge quantity which will be used in the upcoming smartphones and mobiles; most likely in next generation iPhone 5.

iPhone 5-Duel Core Processor

Another possible reason of this gigantic deal is the massive increase in demand of new CDMA Verizon iPhone 4 in the market & Qualcomm, no doubt, is the most preferred company that manufactures chipsets which are widely used in the gadgets and tablets working on CDMA networks. So this deal is to keep the balance in demand and supply for the Verizon iPhone 4 which will be in your hands in the beginning of the next February, indeed.

Apple -A4 Processor

And as for the A8 Dual Core Processor, it has also been confirmed by the Kinsus that the company has also ordered for new A8 Dual Core Processor in bulk quantity. Though Kinsus made no any statement about the purpose of this big deal, tech circles are going to make another idea. Yeah, you also got that; iPhone 5 can have this dual core processor instead of currently working excellent A4 processor in iPhone 4 device. If the rumors are true, then it will be an upgrade chip ARM Cortex-A8 which matches by name too. So get ready to have an iPhone 5 with dual core A8 processor & Qualcomm chipset .Do I call it dual lust for you guys?

iPhone 5-ARM Coretx A8 Processor

Here is the official introduction of ARM Cortex-A8 Processor ;

The Cortex-A8 high-performance processor is proven in end devices today.  From high-end feature phones to netbooks, DTVs, printers and automotive-infotainment, the Cortex-A8 processor offers a proven high-performance solution with millions of units shipped annually.

The processor is particularly suited to high-performance applications.

  • Frequency from 600MHz to 1GHz and above
  • High-performance, Superscalar microarchitecture
  • NEON™technology for multi-media and SIMD processing
  • Binary compatibility with ARM926ARM1136, and ARM1176 Processors

So get ready to have an iPhone 5 with dual core A8 processor & Qualcomm chipset . Do I call it dual lust for you guys?

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