Docs Editing in Google Docs App is Now Possible on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Android

Well! Docs Editing in Google Docs App is now quite possible on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android. As we know that Google Docs is one of the most dominant Google Apps that allows you to create and share your online documents, presentations and spreadsheets with others. However the app was missing a very essential and most demanded feature ‘Docs Editing’.  Finally Google respected its lovers insist and updated the Google Docs App that lets you to edit your Google Docs right now.

Thanks to Google for feeling our pulses and allowing us to update our online documents on all Apple’s devices and also on android. It is called “too late but too good” guys!

Docs Editing in Google Docs App

Yeah! Enjoy Docs Editing in Google Docs App

It is very obvious to all tech informers that the upcoming era will be governed by Web Apps and the technology will be a fine cocktail of Apple, Windows and Web wines for tech drinkers in future tech bars. So Official Google Docs blog finally updated its Google Docs App to create a deep friendship between the Web and Apple technologies, and Windows is their one and only boyfriend (or a girlfriend as you wish…) indeed.

The new updated Google Docs App has also the solution of the dilemma “What will happen if two individuals try to edit the same shared document at a time?”

If others are also editing the same shared file on which you are working too, the changes that you will make in the document on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android will become visible to your colleague at the pace of electric current & vice versa.

You can also check the demo officially released by Google to understand “How to do Docs Editing in Google Docs App”.

Presently the Docs Editing feature is available for English-language users only. We hope that it will be made available for other language users shortly. All iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users having iOS 3.0 or later version on their device as well as Android users having Android OS 2.2 or later can enjoy the Google Docs Editing.

Stay tuned with your essential web Apps like Google Docs and Hitechanalogy to get latest information about those slinky apps.

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