Download Skype 5.1 for Macs with Enhanced Video Conferencing and Efficient Speaker Identification

Skype is one of the most popular internet telephony services and is loved all over the world for its best quality of video calling. Skype has just released a new Skype 5.1 update with enhanced video conferencing capabilities and an efficient Speaker’s identification abilities to easily recognize the participants of group calls.


No doubt, Skype 5.1 update is a really a very useful software for the folks who like to involve in video calling with much ease and comfort. Moreover, the latest Skype 5.1 update brings fixes for iSight Firewire webcam detection issue too.

Skype introduces its new Skype 5.1 update in following words;

It’s finally possible to select recently called numbers stored in the dial pad. Release notes accompanying the download also mention “several minor bug fixes” and “call quality feedback.

Skype 5’s redesigned contest was being much criticized by its Mac lovers due to its huge unfriendly design; Skype felt the heat and has re-treated its design in new Skype 5.1 update. Thanks Skype for caring our feelings.

Download Skype 5.1 update from the Skype’s official site.

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