Download TWCable TV App for iPad 2 for Live TV Streaming: Time Warner Cable Offers

Do you want to turn your iPad 2 tablet into a fully working live TV to stream your favorite networks? Why not! Here is TWCable TV app available for download at Apple’s App Store right now for this purpose. If you are a Warner Cable video subscriber, this totally gratis TWCable TV™ app simply turns your iPad into a television, allowing you to watch live cable TV channels of your own choice using your home Wi-Fi connection. A verity of popular cable TVchannels are now in your access from your bedroom to your kitchen, where you desire to have them.

Download TWCable TV App for iPad-1

At present, 30 popular TV channels like Bravo, Food Network, Comedy Central, History, National Geographic and CNBC news and more are currently available to stream on your iPad 2 tablet with TWCable TV App. Time Warner Cable promises to add some new functionalities and some more fanatic channels in the next version of this TWCable TV App in near future.

Time Warner Cable’s President Rob Marcus says;

Helping our customers see the content they’re paying for on multiple devices makes their Time Warner Cable subscription even more valuable, and they can expect much more from us in this space very soon. The company may roll out the app to other tablet computers in the future.

Major Features of TWCable TV app for iPad :

Watch live cable TV on your iPad in the home
Enjoy a selection of cable favorites from your Time Warner Cable video subscription on your iPad, anywhere in your home.
- Just tap and start watching live streaming TV instantly.
- Scroll through the easy-to-use Channel Guide to see what’s on now, and what’s coming next.
- Use your home’s existing WiFi connection – no need for extra hookups.
- The app is FREE!

Parental Advisory
TWCable TV™ does not currently offer parental control capability. To prevent viewing by minors, please remember to sign out when you are finished viewing live TV.

· iPad with iOS 4
· Time Warner Cable video package at the Standard (Expanded Basic) level or higher
· WiFi connection to Time Warner Cable Internet Service (Road Runner Standard or higher recommended for best experience; Earthlink High Speed or Earthlink Cable Max is supported)
· Time Warner Cable username and password

Download TWCable TV App for iPad-2

It would be also interesting for you that Time Warner Cable is the second-largest cable company in the US, with 12.4 million happy customers across 28 states.

Still desire to Know more about TWCable TV App & its developer Time Warner Cable; watch this video demo please;

Don’t miss this MUST HAVE iPad APP, just download TWCable TV App from App Store  to have live streaming of numerous cable TV channels on your tablet’s wider screen.

Download TWCable TV App for iPad

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