Experience the new Microsoft Game Hub gathering MSN, Bing and Windows Live Messenger

Experience the new Microsoft Game Hub that gathers MSN, Bing and Windows Live Messenger Game Portals into one interface. It is, indeed, a great twist in gaming for the gamers who love to play video/digital games on internet. Thank You Microsoft for this new innovative move” MS Game Hub”! It will be very exciting and joyful experience to play games on this unique game hub.

The new MS Game Hub will change the concept of web gaming and will delete the difference between social and casual gamin as it allows users to play the games with someone special friends of them. It enhances both the excitement and connectivity of the people who are willing to play web games with the friends living abroad. The gathering of various game portals at one place drives them to share their gaming experience with other buddies.

Microsoft Game Hub

Microsoft Games Hub

The Microsoft Game Hub is for those players who are fervent to accept challenges from their contacts as it makes possible to watch the status of your opponent too. You can also challenge the others for bringing a hype and thrill in the game. The main objective for launching this new Game Hub by Microsoft seems to promote the games having more social aspects.


Some other features included in MS Game Hub are;

-      The rebuilt MSN Games

-      Update of the games on windows Live Messenger

-       Bing games especially for English Speaking users

You have to log in the game site on MS Game Hub with one of your Facebook or Windows Live Messenger account. A friend’s status update with scrolling feature is there to select your opponent to play games. Moreover you are ferr to enjoy other social features like.

Microsoft Games Hub

MS Game Hub

view game leaderboards, sending casual game challenge requests, save a game as a favorite, track games, game history, and scores regardless of the platform you are playing on.

We think that this new MS Game Hub will be proved a breeze of fresh air to delete the ugly signs of loneliness and isolation. You will start to play just a “Game” that will be converted into a long lasting deep friendship in the long run. It is called the sociality that brings some pleasures in the society.

Congratulations to “Microsoft” and “Players” that are going to play games for “Humanity”. We really appreciate the idea of “Microsoft Game Hub”. So play games on the hub and promote humanity and sociality as we are all humans.

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